What Alice Knew / November Reads  

November was a crazy, busy month with a small bout of ill health (thankfully I’m feeling right as rain now) and a career change under my belt. Sadly, my reading fell by the wayside. Rather pathetically I managed one whole book in November but at least it was a good one!

I received What Alice Knew (T.A. Cotterell) in the post from the lovely Becky over at Transworld Books to help me get Harry’s Book Club set-up and on the road.

As soon as I read the blurb, I knew I’d be in for a treat:

Alice has a perfect life – a great job, happy kids, a wonderful husband. Until he goes missing one night; she receives a suspicious phone call; things don’t quite add up. 

Alice needs to know what’s going on. But when she uncovers the truth she faces a brutal choice. And how can she be sure it is the truth?

Sometimes it’s better not to know.


Without revealing any spoilers as I don’t want to ruin what is a fantastic book, What Alice Knew is not your average thriller. The storyline follows Alice, her husband Ed and their children, Arthur and Nell, through a moral dilemma, dissecting trust and honesty, questioning how far they’d go for familial love after Ed mysteriously disappears. Cotterell’s storytelling captivated me throughout, he crams so much tension in and explores many themes in the book, from loyalty to justice, with ease.

I really enjoyed Cotterell’s characterisation of Alice – as an artist she is a creative, complex and deep, someone who feels her way through situations. In contrast to this Ed is simple, straight forward and to the point. Throughout the book I found myself siding with Alice, then Ed, then Alice; it was like a tennis match between them as the story darkly unfurled.I loved that the ending was a complete twist and one that I wasn’t expecting. Since finishing the book the story has really stuck with me and made me question what I would have done in Alice’s situation.

From the moment I started this book I didn’t want to put it down – What Alice Knew is a gripping, psychological read and one that I am surprised to hear is a debut novel! It is currently available on Kindle, whilst the paperback is available to pre-order and due out May 2017.


As mentioned, this book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review and all views are my own.


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